Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How Did I Spend My Birthday?

Today I:

  • made banana bread

  • pieced two rows on a quilt

  • responded to birthday well wishers on facebook

  • turned in receipts from this weekend at the church office

  • went to jazzercise (where I found out the instructor also had a birthday today. What are the odds?)

  • bathed and shaved my legs (Hey, it was a special occasion after all.)

  • talked on the phone with my mom (x2)

  • " " " " sister

  • " " " " best friend

  • " " " " daughter

  • folded three loads of laundry

  • heated up roast for lunch

  • took a nap

  • bathed three of the kids

  • kissed away an owie (Randy's busted lip. No stitches this time.)

  • made sandwiches for supper

  • went to prayer meeting

  • bought a new Bible with my birthday money (It is SOOOOOOO nice. The McArthur Study Bible NASB)

  • had coffee and conversation with two friends at Starbucks (Thank you, ladies.)

  • And stopped to smell the roses!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Death of a Dream and Would-be Attackers Beware

Kids were enthusiastically cleaning the bathroom yesterday morning. When I announce to them that they are having red beans and rice for lunch they cheerfully reply, "Oh, yum, Mom that sounds great!" and "We loooooove beans and rice!" I even got a pleasant smile from Ian, who hates beans. Something was definitely fishy, but I kept quiet, and sure enough, the mystery was soon solved--

K:Mom, I can't wait for you to start the daycare.
Me: Oh?
K: Yeah, Dad was telling us about how when you have the daycare and we say, "Can we go to Splash Kingdom?" He will say, "Sure." And then later, when we get hungry, he will say, "Why don't we head over to Chuck-E-Cheese?"
Me: quiet chortles, shaking my head

It is all making sense to me now

K: growing uneasy What?
Me: K, it sounds to me like your daddy was feeding you a line of bull to get ya'll to help out with a good attitude this morning. The daycare will certainly help us with finances, but I seriously doubt we will have cash for that kind of extravagance for a very long time. Maybe never.
Abby: I knew it was too good to be true!
K: grumbling to himself I smell a revolt.


And just today:

Abby: Mom, do you want to know what I have in my purse?
Me: What?
Abby: Oh, lots of girlie things...rummaging around in handbag....cell phone, lipgloss, fingernail polish, notepad...and a gun.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Simple Woman's Day Book

FOR TODAY, Monday, July 27, 2009

Outside My Window...Overcast and muggy skies, intermittent drizzle

I am thinking...I'm in overload right now. I needed to take a break from thinking and blog

I am thankful for...31 years (as of Wednesday) of health and happiness

From the kitchen...Crock Pot is cooling down from a slow cooked venison roast. It was intended for dinner tonight, but we got a free meal at McAlister's (manager's treat). You gotta love friends in high places. I guess we will eat the roast tomorrow.

I am wearing...plum workout outfit. Still loving my jazzercise class.

I am creating...a childcare center (but it is getting really old)

I am going...out with the master tomorrow night for my birthday, to watch Marina finish her two week course in swimming, and possibly squeeze in one last trip to the lake house.

I am reading...not much of anything, but got some great leads on books that I want to read at my conference this weekend.

I am hoping...for a solution to our money/opening the daycare problem

I am hearing...the kids and the master watching StarWars. They're huge fans.

One of my favorite things...white chocolate

Around the house...aiming for a totally tidy house by Wednesday. Something about having a clean house makes me feel whole and successful as a woman. As though the condition of my bathroom floors has some bearing on my worth as an individual? Intellectually it makes no sense, but I won't enjoy by birthday near as much if my house is not clean.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...covered that in "I am going"
A picture thought I'm sharing: My Three Couch Potatoes

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So That Leaves Us Where?

Remember my rambling post regarding the daycare dilemma? Well, it may have been decided for us. Our financing fell through today.

This little bit of news came moments after I checked back (one last time) with a school district that had PROMISED me on several occasions that my application was complete and in tip-top order and found out that they had no record of me. Even though I taught in the district for FIVE YEARS! Agh!!!!! No wonder I never got an interview. I couldn't understand it before, but now it makes perfect sense.

Me: I turned in my application and all documents right before Christmas.
Personnel Lady: Yes, but we switched over to an all digital system in January.
Why didn't they mention that in DECEMBER?!
Me: But I contacted this office twice during the spring semester regarding the status of my application and was not informed that anything was amiss. How could that happen? Would you please check again, It's Jessica S-U-*-*-*-*-*.
Personnel Lady: I'm sorry. It's just not there. But it's no problem, because you can fill out a new one on-line.

No problem for her, maybe! For me, it's 15 pages of tedious information, and tracking down references, and dumb essay questions about my philosophy of teaching. Work I already did WAY BACK in December--when I actually had a chance of being hired. Now it is the end of July and I have no hope of being called for an interview, much less landing a position.

And the master is so bummed about the daycare. We don't need a huge sum of money to get it off the ground, but we need more than we have. I have to get the asphalt up in the play yard, get plumbing in two rooms, and re-carpet the inside area.

Maybe I should drive a bus?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday's Photo Journalism


Texas--Randy S____ made his return to full-time play and hinted he may exceed earlier projections for a quick comeback. Something many of his fans never doubted.

The three-year-old dynamite spent several hours in a local ER Sunday afternoon following a front end collision with a sanctuary pew.

"I fall down. I fall down on the pew. Yeah, it hurt. It felt....mean. But I all better."

Reports that S______ was traveling at speeds well above recommended church limits at the moment of impact have not been confirmed or denied. S_____ has resumed normal [hyper]activity and expects to have the stitches removed within the week. Team insiders claim, "it's like he didn't even get hurt."

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Daycare Down and Dirty

Don't want to be accused of holding out on ya'll regarding the daycare plans. It's just not altogether interesting. Overwhelmingly complicated, yes, but fascinating reading material? No. Since this building fell in our laps in February, I've been struggling with the "ifs" and "whens" of opening a childcare center. I've prayed and prayed for the Lord to tell me one way or the other what He wants me to do, but the Spirit has--so far--remained silent. The master, on the other hand, has not. He is like a freight train barreling faster and faster toward the Sunnys*de K*ds station, and ladies, it is hard to stop a train.
And frankly, I'm out of options. We are closing on this building within days. We haven't really been living in the real world since moving here six months ago. We've just been wallowing around, soaking up God's unexpected showers--make that a downpour--of blessing. We moved into a 10,000 square foot facility full of furniture, electronics, baby equipment, diapers, books, toys, food, etc. We were told to keep whatever we wanted. We don't pay rent. We don't pay utilities. And we don't fund any of the improvements we make to the property. But by the end of the week, that is all going to change. Our payment will be nothing near what you would expect to pay for a building this size, but it still must be paid. And then there is water, electricity, and gas. We don't have any idea what that is going to run us.
I tried to get a job teaching public school, but no luck. I don't know if it is the three year break on my resume, or that we've moved three times, or that fewer teachers are retiring because of the economy, but whatever it is, THEY AREN'T CALLING. I'm not qualified to do anything but work with children in a professional setting, so any other job I could get would be minimum wage. Minimum wage job - two children in daycare = bubkiss.
It is not that I don't enjoy teaching and working in childcare. I do! I loved each and every one of the children I kept in my home last year, and had we not moved, would have continued in the home daycare business indefinitely. But, there is SO. MUCH. INVOLVED. If it was just loving the kids, and teaching them their ABC's, and wiping hinies and noses, I would have been open yesterday. But it is dealing with the state, and insurance, and standards, and Food Programs, and ratios, and affidavits, and legal risks, and payroll, and asphalt in my play yard.
I could go on for hours listing pros and cons but what it all boils down to is this:
Should we continue to "live in faith" and trust God to provide? After all, He has been doing a superb job of it. I know my capabilities. I can't do it all. At least, not well. I can't run a quality daycare and keep up the pace of full-time mom to six. Not to mention an active pastor's wife of a growing congregation. Should we concentrate on our family, making a happy, stable home for them, and ministering in our church? Trusting with our whole hearts that He is able to make a way--even when the numbers don't add up?
Maybe He gave us this building to be used for a purpose? Perhaps NOT opening a daycare would be poor stewardship of His gift? Am I being selfish and lazy? Doesn't the Proverbs describe a worthy woman as one "who considers a field and buys it; from her earnings she plants a vineyard?" From a purely business standpoint, this daycare has every opportunity of being a success. It is--if you will--a handsome field. Shouldn't I turn it to the best advantage for my family? Also it is, without a doubt, what my husband (the one I'm supposed to submit to) intends for me to do.
Now you see why I have stayed up nights.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY, Monday, July 13, 2009
Outside My Window...pavement is cooling off after our third straight day of 100+ temperatures
I am thinking...about all the various tasks, phone calls, and forms that have to be completed to open the daycare center by the end of August.
I am thankful for...Cara becoming (officially) a Su_____ on Friday! She is forever and legally ours. At least, I am assuming that the paperwork went through. We had a stickler for a judge (that has been our luck twice) and she wanted a sentence added to the document before she signed it, but she said she was granting our petition. Our lawyer said he would have the revised document in her hands by Monday. And I am also very thankful that though my new nephew arrived a little over two months early (he weighed in at two pounds and eleven ounces), both he and my sister are doing well.
From the favorite of Cr*ck P*t lasagna, corn casserole, and for dessert, angel food cake.
I am wearing...last summer's army green walking shorts that I have been avoiding all season for fear that they would no longer fit me, but they do! A trifle snug, but I don't recall them being excessively loose a year ago, so I'm good.
I am creating...a childcare center.
I am going...after two weeks of traveling to the lake house, home town, Lake Charles, on to Houston for court last week, and then to Dallas on Saturday, my plans are to stay blissfully at HOME!
I am reading...I'm in the middle of a series of novels by Karen Kingsbury
I am daycare will fill up the first week, I'll run at 90-100% capacity, and within two years I'll get an offer to buy the building and business for half a million dollars. Hey, a girl can dream, right?
I am hearing...distant sounds of the kids supposedly cleaning the bathroom.
One of my favorite things...that angel food cake (topped with cool whip and Hershey's syrup) I just polished off wasn't too bad.
Around the house...much of our time and energy is being focused down in the daycare suite; things are a little messy.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Start interviewing employees tomorrow and CPR/First Aid certification coming up.

A picture thought I'm sharing:

A very blurry picture of the family in court on Friday. My dad didn't know how to turn on the flash. Or motion Marina into the shot. She was standing on the other side of Abby.

This is the part where I tell you to enjoy more daybooks by visiting , but the Simple Woman has taken the summer off, so this is all you get.