Saturday, September 18, 2010

We All Fall Down

Being in a large family may mean that you have to wear hand-me-downs. You may have to share a room, a bath; well, there may not be many things in life you don't have to share--at least from time to time.
Your piece of pie may be a mite on the smallish side. On occasion your mother may call you by three or four names before arriving at the right one. Strangers may look at you funny and ask crazy questions. But by golly, you're never at a loss when a rousing game of "Ring Around the Rosy" strikes your fancy.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Human Growth and Development

Found a humorous tidbit of literature as I took my powder room break a few minutes ago. My kids are as avid authors as they are readers, and there is no telling where you will find the latest volume. Apparently, inspiration hit Abby as she sat on the toilette. This piece was actually missing a title, so I have done the honors, but everything else is exactly as she wrote it. You are missing out on the illustrations, which is really a shame, but perhaps it will be good for a few smiles.

You start out as a little baby (Crying baby, bottle, and paci at bottom of page)

Then you turn into a wobbling toddler (slightly larger stick figure with the words "Ma-ma." Da-da written above.)

And before you know it, your a preschooler, and then starting school. (Little girl with backpack)

As you age, you become more advanced, with new abilities and responses. (boy playing basketball.)

And then it seems in no time at all, you're a teen. Thinking you're smarter than your parents. Having a girlfriend and learning to text. That's what's gonna happen next. (Shows made up face of girl)

Time flies. You're now grown-up. Stressing with bills. Worrying about your children. Working a job, having troubles. Yep you're an adult. (Shows financial tally sheet, a family of stick figures, a stick figure pushing a grocery cart. Side note--makes me a little sad that the adult portion is portrayed as such a drag.)

Then your children move out, and you think you are free. Now you are old you see! (shows man and woman using walker and cane moving toward a sign that reads 'Nursing Home')

Your life has flown by. From young baby to old person--what a life!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Evening at My House--Take two

Abby wants you to note that she got her long hair cut yesterday. And that she wishes you "peace." Must be a fourth grade thing.
Marina is just back from her Thursday evening visit with Mr. Mark (counselor). Not really sure how much headway we've made--they play cards and CandyLand--but we only have a five dollar copay and she loves the undivided attention. Because of the visits, she misses her afternoon nap--hence the circles under her eyes.

Silly, silly girl here. Said, "Take my picture, Mommy!" Then, "Cheese!" and finally, "Let me see." So, when did she learn to talk?

Randy found this sweatshirt yesterday and has been completely undeterred from its use despite temperatures in the mid 90's.
K was disappointed in today's student council elections. He had thought he was a shoe-in but lost by sixteen points. "Mom. There are only 19 kids in my class." Apparently, his opponent brought candy. In the middle school classroom, candy talks. But his spirits were cheered by fashioning an enormous pipe from foil. (Should I be concerned????)

Ian showing off his new "pet" newt. He discovered it in his room this afternoon. We will be releasing him in the wild soon (as in after dinner).

I realize I did this a few weeks ago, but it is the best way I know for jumping back into my blog after being gone a while. Plus, I figure when I am bent and grey, these are the post I will cherish the most.