Sunday, October 10, 2010

Family Catch Up

Decided to play a little family catch-up. When we fall behind at the daycare with the week's plans, I say, "Ooooh, we are going to have to play catch-up." Only, the kids all think I'm saying 'ketchup,' but they've learned that playing 'ketchup' means we are going to hurry, hurry, hurry and get a lot done.

The master--Well, the master is continuing to settle into life as a bi-vocational pastor. He's been working for two months, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, in a friend's vending machine business (a job he knows all to well) and Wednesday and Friday at the office. But that really wasn't working for our family and it doesn't pay squat. When we figured out that we pay our employees at the daycare better, we decided to make a switch. Starting next week, he will work mornings 8-12 in the church office and the afternoons at S*nnyside. He is also looking at returning to seminary in the spring, changing his masters to Children's Education as opposed to Divinity. Makes sense with us running a daycare and all.

K--Still basking in the glow of last week's trip to Washington DC. He attended a week long leadership conference, flying up there and back on his own. Big steps for my big boy. He came back to the love of his life--football. His team is undefeated and headed to the playoffs. We are considering--for the first time ever--moving him up in grades. He is not impressed at all with middle school and he is way beyond the subject matter. Basically, he spends his time tutoring other children.

Abby--Went back to ballet this fall after a year and a half absence. It seems to be kinda a snooty studio, but it is the only one around that teaches classic ballet as opposed to jazz and contemporary. I know if we stick with it, we will eventually be accepted as "in," but it sure does chaff to pay good money and be given the cold shoulder.

Ian--Did I tell you Ian accepted Christ last month? Well, if I didn't he did! Just before his eighth birthday. I remember because he was baptised on his birthday. Both Ian and Marina started gymnastics, and Ian was moved up to the advanced class after the first lesson.

Marina--It is the change of the seasons so not really fun times with Marina at present. She never does well with the clothing problems that arrive with the cooler temperatures (and again with the warmer temperatures in the spring). I keep hoping she will grow out of it, but days like today I envision her at sixteen still unable to deduct that 45 degree temperatures warrant more than a tank top and sandals--and then dissolving into total melt down when I demand she make a different wardrobe choice.

Randy--Living life large. Four is such a cute age. It's also the age for information. You can really tell that he is sorting out how the world works--from why we have special clothes for church to how to make an apple pie--topics we've covered today alone.

Cara--About to be featured in her very first modeling job! A bill-board for an up and coming daycare in town ;0) See her cover-girl shot below. She is talking non-stop now and even sings her A-B-C's. She loves to start singing--ABC's, Wheels on the Bus, Six Little Ducks, etc.--when we are out in public. Of course, people are very impressed with a child as small as she knowing her alphabet (Which she doesn't. She just memorized the song), and she loves to soak up the attention. Funny, but she is the only one of my children to really "perform" for strangers. I remember C.C. saying that in school she always sang in the choir and had a nice alto voice, so I wonder if she gets her enthusiasm from song from her.